Eirik Sandaas
Hi there!

I’m Eirik and I’m the entity responsible for this page.

Born in Oslo, I finally returned «home» in January after 20 years in exile in the middle of Norway (a.ka. Trøndelag).

I work as a project manager for the data collecting agency Norstat, and in my spare time I like to read books and comics, and watch movies.  I play boardgames, and build models. (In particular I’m fond of aircraft, and I try to visit as many air shows as possible.) I don’t train as much as I would like, but I’m a competent marksman with both pistol and revolver. Other hobbies include painting, photography and travelling. There is always a new beer to be had and new museum to visit!

I’ve always had a fascination for the macabre, mysterious and enigmatic, as well as the absurd and hilarious. This might also influence some of the topics for this blog.

And if you have read all this … you need a hobby!

And yeah, I nearly forgot, this page is in English, so I saved myself the trouble of making it bilingual.

(Updated August 2019)