Eirik Sandaas
Hi there!

I’m Eirik and I’m the guy responsible for this blog.

Even though I was born in Oslo,  I’ve made Trondheim my home since 1997. And even though the climate could be better, I’m pretty much content with this small, but cozy, city located smack bang in the middle of Norway.

I’m a Master in Technology from NTNU. (Usually called a Civil Enginer here in Norway.) My areas of expertise is project management, but my portfolio encompasses earth and rock constructions, geology and geo-technical engineering as well. My master thesis was on cost analysis of heavy construction equipment, while my preliminary project was on the use of TBMs in Norway. And as I had taken a year of psychology during my years as a full time student representative, I decided to expand on that and thus I’ve now also got a bachelors degree in Psychology, focusing on workplace- and organizational psychology.

During my life I have worked as a engineer, as a technical writer, in sales and PR, and as a public servant/ombudsman for the students of Trondheim. Right now I’m looking for a position where I can make use both of my technical training as well as my organizational experience. In the meantime I work as an interview-leader/supervisor at the research and data collection company Norstat AS, and do free lance work as a writer and consultant.

My main fields of interests is management, political theory, public relations, networking and communication and information handling.

In my spare time I write prose and short stories, paint and draw, build and paint models and play board games. I enjoy experimenting on the kitchen, and will always appreciate a nice wine or a decent cognac. I’m a self confessed history, comic, film and music buff, read too much and play the guitar (badly).

I’ve always had a fascination for the macabre, mysterious and enigmatic, as well as the absurd and hilarious. This might influence some of the stuff I will post on this blog.

And if you have read all this… you just might be to curious for your own good.

And yeah, I nearly forgot, this page is in English, so I saved myself the trouble of making it bilingual.

(Updated June 2014)