50 shades of grey

There’s been a right proper bally-ho regarding the premiere for the movie «50 Shades of Gray». But really? Only 50?  That’s not very impressive.  At least not if one of your hobbies is building models of aircraft…




RLM02 – RLM Grau
RLM63(v.1) – Lichtgrau
RLM63(v.2) – Grüngrau
RLM66 – Schwarzgrau
RLM74 – Graugrün
RLM75 – Grauviolett
RLM77 – Hellgrau
RLM84(v.1) – Graublau


43 – Neutral Gray
M-485 Blue Gray
M-495 Light Gray

Federal Standard

Federal Standard / Italieri

Federal Standard / Italieri

FS26173 AMC Proud Gray
FS36076 Engine Gray
FS36081 Gunship Dark Gray
FS36118 Gunship Light Gray
FS36152 Blue-gray
FS36173 Dark Gray
FS36231 Dark Gray F-15
FS36231 Dark Gull Gray
FS36251 Medium Gray
FS36270 Neutral Gray
FS36307 Light Sea Gray
FS36314 Flint Gray
FS36320 Dark Compass Gray
FS36329 Light Sea Gray
FS36375 Light Compass Gray
FS36400 Light Stone
FS36424 Medium Gray
FS36440 Light Gull Gray
FS36473 ADC Gray
FS36473 Light Gray
FS36492 Light Gray
FS36495 Light Gray
FS36515 Canadian Voodoo Gray
FS36559 Surface Gray
FS36622 Light Grey

Royal Air Force (1919-1938)

Cerrux Grey (FAA)
Sea Grey (FAA)
Sky Grey
Light Sea Grey (Coastal Command)

Royal Air Force WW2

Dupont - UK

Dupont – UK

Sky Type S.
Ocean Grey
Medium Sea Grey
Extra Dark Sea Grey
Dark Slate Grey
Light Slate Grey
Dark Sea Grey
Sky Grey
Interior Grey-Green

Royal Air Force Post-war

283 Aircraft Grey/Green
626 Camouflage Grey
627 RAF Light Aircraft Grey
629 RAF Overall Camouflage Grey
637 Medium Sea Grey
638 Dark Sea Grey
640 Extra Dark Sea Grey

Imperial Japanese Navy

N.3 Dark Grey Green
N.4 Light Grey Green
N.8 Dark Grey
N.9 Medium Grey
N.10 Light Grey

A.5 Light Grey Green
A.6 Dark Grey
A.7 Medium Grey
A.9 Light Grey

And that is by no means a complete list of the colours you’ld want to be able to reproduce. So 50 shades of grey?  Piece of cake!